Shafi adam comp withborders

Altar for Keci, the Candle. The little girl who took it upon herself to defeat the Three Demons terrorizing her village. She succeeded, but did not return. The village, however, remembers her as a saint.

Shafi adam comp

Altar without borders and background.

Shafi adam keci3 color

Keci, the Candle - equipped with her mother's bell and an incense stick, went out to confront the Three Demons terrorizing her village.

Shafi adam dog color

The Dog demon. Converted to a path of righteousness and servitude upon his encounter with Keci, the Candle. His experience explains dog's loyalty to man.

Shafi adam bat2 color

The Bat demon. Blinded by Keci, he rages in darkness for all eternity.

Shafi adam bones color

The Dragon demon. Burned and obliterated by Keci.


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